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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  September 13, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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a woman is under arrest for allegedly trying to kill her newborn baby in redwood city. prosecutors say this woman, 25- year-old sarah lockner gave birth on labor day while she was working at mcdonald's. a coworker saw her trying to flush her newborn down the toilet. the baby survived. the oakland a's have their sights set on a piece of land near lake merritt and laney college forth team's new stadium. the land right off interstate 880 belongs to the peralta community college districts.
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the a's plan to negotiate with the district to purchase the 13 acres which is just a short walking distance from the lake merritt bart station. uc-berkeley police are preparing for protests tomorrow night during a speech by a conservative speaker. 33-year-old ben shapiro is a former breitbart editor and political commentator invited to speak by college republicans. the campus officials plan to set up a perimeter around the hall which will include the student union and sproul hall. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. turning now to hurricane irma, a nursing home in hollywood, florida has now become the scene of a post- hurricane tragedy. at least 8 people are dead after the air-conditioning system at the home failed following the powerful storm. the victims ranged in age from 77 to 99 years old. a criminal investigation was launched today as the remaining residents were relocated. in the meantime, search-and- rescue teams are moving into the florida keys which as we
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all know was absolutely battered by irma. and that's where we find fox news correspondent joel waldman in marathon, florida, with the latest developments. joel. >> reporter: frank and julie, good evening to you. that nursing home story is absolutely horrendous. it was just 60 feet away or so from a level one trauma center and makes no sense. these are the issues after irma has passed through. now, we are in the lower half of the keys here, palm key to be specific and this is one example of so many. this used to be someone's home. this is their living room. you see the sofa here. this is actually a little container of almonds over here. just gives you a glimpse into one person's life ahead of the storm. this person evacuated as everyone in this little enclave did. authorities are trying to get supplies like food and water into the lower keys. >> there were a number of people in respiratory distress
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and other distresser. >> reporter: irma may be gone, but the storm's wrath continues. in hollywood, florida, more than 100 residents at a nursing home were evacuated wednesday with air-conditioning and power at the facility knocked out after the storm. police now confirming multiple residents at the home have died. >> we believe at this time they may be related to the loss of power and the storm. but we're conducting a criminal investigation, not ruling anything out. >> reporter: across florida, more than a dozen people have also been treated for breathing and carbon monoxide from generators. outside orlando, three family members died after police say a generator was found running inside their home. >> apparently, it was running and it was running inside the house. >> reporter: here in the florida keys, federal officials say 90% of homes had damage from irma, and one in every four was destroyed by the storm. and at this point, power, gasoline and cleaning running water remain in short supply. while on a much lighter note, one miami area nun using a
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chainsaw to clear debris at a catholic school has become a viral symbol online of the clean-up effort under way across florida. elsewhere in miami, some residents are dealing with new evacuations as a large crane damaged in the storm is still on top of a building potentially threatening people below. >> we are in the dark. we don't know what's going on. >> literally. >> just came out of a hurricane like everybody else in miami. and we're frustrated. >> reporter: and here's another image, frank and julie, that we have been seeing all over the florida keys. that is a speedboat turned upside-down with its bottom facing the sky. it's tough to see but right next to it there's tractor- trailers that are tipped over on the side, as well. highway 1 is just behind it. that's the only road in and out of the keys. all day long, we have been seeing things like blackhawk helicopters and convoys from the national guard and military bringing supplies south this way but it is going to be a
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long time before everything is back up and running normally. >> joel, thank you. new information now in the sex scandal involving several bay area police departments. an alameda county judge dismissed all charges today against a former oakland police officer accused of in the sex scandal involving the daughter of an oakland police dispatcher. brian button is no longer facing charges of conspiracy and engaging in an act of prostitution with jasmine abuslin. there was no evidence that sex was for money or anything of value. the judge agreed with the defense and through it out. alameda county prosecutors say the judge's decision was very disappointing. a man was shot by an off- duty sheriff's deputy in antioch during a domestic dispute and road rage incident. the family of the many who was wounded says that sacramento county deputy went too far. ktvu crime reporter henry lee reports. >> reporter: it all happened near the gas station on lone
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tree way in antioch on tuesday night. a woman ride in a car with an off-duty sheriff's deputy called police to say a man was chasing them and ramming their car with his truck. but the man wants just a random motorist. the other driver, 28-year-old nick viera, has a three-year- old daughter with the woman. >> the girl that was with the deputy said it was her baby's daddy so i'm figuring it was just outside conflict like with home or something? >> reporter: antioch police say that's where viera got out of his truck while armed with a tire iron. the deputy responded by shooting viera once in the arm. viera drove to his home in antioch and was taken to the hospital by air to be treated. he was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. >> we feel like the cop probably had, um, more pull in the situation? >> reporter: viera's sister alicia said he didn't deserve to get shot in the arm by the deputy. >> i'm just glad he wasn't shot in the head or the body.
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um, but yeah, i don't really not whole story. >> just becaus you're off duty, i don't believe it's right for him to shoot anyone. he could have drove to the police station or called 911 before all this happened. >> reporter: the name of the sacramento county sheriff's deputy hasn't been released but police confirm he was off duty and not physically injured in the incident. in antioch, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. ♪[ music ] still to come here, the man known as the "pharma bro" now behind bars. the comment he made on facebook that sent him to jail. >> also ahead, new developments in the pacific northwest where a student opened fire today on a high school campus. >> he shot the girl next to me and she fell down and as everyone was running i could hear her screaming, help me.
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authorities say a student who opened fire in a high school near spokane, washington is in custody after killing another student. a male student arrived at freeman high school in the city of rockford with two weapons. they say one of the weapons jammed and as the shooter was going for his other gun, a fellow student confronted him and was shot to death. a witness said it was a surreal scene. >> he had completely passed him and he was just shooting and he shot, um, one young man and then i crouched down to the floor and pretty soon he shot in the ceiling and then he shot the girl next to me and she fell down and i was running i could hear her screaming, help me, and she was screaming, help me, help me, over and over. >> the spokane county sheriff
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says three other shooting victims are in stable condition tonight. the motive for the shooting is still not known. a judge revoked bail and sent martin shkreli to jail today after shkreli posted on facebook offering $5,000 for a strand of hillary clinton's hair. shkreli known as "pharma bro" is a former drug company ceo who was convicted last month of fraud in a federal securities case. he was free on $5 million bail awaiting sentencing in january. but the judge said shkreli's offer to anyone who could grab a hair from hillary clinton during her book tour could be considered a physical threat. homelessness being called a black eye for bay area businesses. >> there's been an improvement but the problem hasn't been sold. >> up next, continuing coverage on the bay area's homeless problem and what's being done to try to solve it. >> we are getting closer to the weekend. we'll set up you with the forecast for your saturday and sunday.
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after months of complaining about a huge homeless encampment, some san francisco business owners say they are finally getting relief. all this week we are looking at how bay area cities are trying to respond to the homeless crisis. back in march we heard from business owners who said a large encampment had been giving them nothing but grief. six months later frank mallicoat returned to see if anything has changed. >> reporter: san francisco business owner isn't ready to give up but she is close. >> it happens all the time. a naked man running around in
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front of our building and then he shot up heroin in his behind. >> reporter: her 40-year-old family-owned jewelry business cents on the edge of a potrero hill homeless encampment. this was the view in march, san bruno street with tents, drug use ram pants, car break-ins the norm, drug use rampant. she was fed up. six months later the view improved dramatically. they still have some campers but the lions share have moved off the street. >> there's been an improvement but the problem isn't solved. i'm happy there's been a response by the city. but at the same time, there's still a ton of crime that's happening here. >> reporter: she swiped through pictures of damage in their parking lot from just last night. two-car windows broken, one laptop stolen, garbage still a big issue and homeless are trying to get back in and some with no apparent plans of moving. the city says it's managed to get 100 campers out of the
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neighborhood and into safe housing. but it's a process. >> we're not looking to sweep people. we're not looking to just clear people. but we are looking to make lasting resolutions so that people are able to begin their journey out of homelessness. >> reporter: while city leaders are doing their best to find housing for the homeless, some of the business owners we spoke to, they disagree. they say the homeless are just packing up and then setting up camp two blocks down. >> i don't think it's gotten better. >> reporter: this man works at eq3 an upscale furniture design store on alameda street. he calls it the turnstile effect. >> all work in this area. we seem to just see them navigate the neighborhood down townsend and alameda avenue with encampments. >> there's still work to be done. no victory laps for sure, but we have definitely engaged in
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the area and we continue to work for the people in need and the people in the neighborhood. >> reporter: frank mallicoat, ktvu fox 2 news. >> on sunday we'll have part two of an hour long special on homelessness and hear from several local mayors to talk to them about specific questions on what they are doing to deal with the homeless crisis here in the bay area. the program airs at 9:00 at night here on ktvu. if you miss part one of our series it will be reairing tomorrow at 8 p.m. on ktvu plus. you can see it in its entireties on our youtube channel ktvu, or we are watching the sunset out there tonight. it's a nice looking one. we are getting a few breaks in the clouds. it's been cloudy all day. we had springles this afternoon in san francisco and on the peninsula. parts of berkeley. and then of course we have the thundershowers earlier this morning. i don't know but, but i don't usually get up at 6:55. but i did this morning. i mean, it woke a lot of folks
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up. most folks, though, fortunately, getting ready to go to work. the rain is over, showers are over. temperatures begin to warm a little bit into the next few days. but not a lot. it's not going to get hot. inland valleys tomorrow 70s and maybe 80, 81 degrees in a place like livermore or antioch. so it's not going to be that warm. of course we talked about that waterspout up around lake tahoe. that prompted the national weather service out at reno -- actually, out of sacramento, to issue a tornado warning, which is typical. it's the kind of thing to do if you have a water spot. on land it becomes a tornado. just an unusual weather pattern a remnant of thunderstorms through here this morning. that remnant is clearing out of the lake tahoe area and clearing out of our area. tomorrow cloud cover and a little clearing and then look at the temperatures coming in here. sites and 80s70s and 80s.
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upper 70s and low 80s, fairfield 80. 81 vacaville. so it's just kind of a, you know, a very fall-like pattern, i have to say. but we haven't had that many mild days around here. it's been -- even though we have had thundershowers, it was hot. we had 90-degree temperatures on the big thundershower day, um, and we had records a few weeks ago. so we have been very hot. the temperatures are now going to come down a little and the humidity is dropped with the change in pattern. so with the humidity dropped, these temperatures are even going to feel cooler than -- because 80 with 40% humidity, you latest in it. tomorrow 80 in warm spots is going to be 18% humidity. so less humidity, not as sticky. just a nicer pattern that will get us into the bay area weekend without too much high fire danger and without too much poor air quality. >> thank you. the indians set an american
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the cleveland indians what a remarkable story. >> they outscored by 104 runs in this streak. they are blasting people not just winning. today not, you know, overwhelming victory but as far as the oakland a's, 20-game record streak in the american league, press delete. insertion of the cleveland indians. they get it going. down 1-0 in the bottom of the 1st. two on for jay bruce. three-run jack. the 34th of the year. the only thing to slow down the indians, they had it on automatic. it was a day game today. they forgot it's not a night game. here's the final out. lonnie chisenhall closing it out, cody allen the save and there you go, 21 consecutive victories. the record is 26 for all of baseball held by the new york giants way back when.
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the final 5-3 and there you go so the oakland a's, what can they do? they are trying to win their own ballgame in a place that's been a house of horrors, fenway park, but the food is great no matter your uniform. great place to see a ballgame. 4-run 1st inning for the a's. doug fister pitching, khris davis into the outfield short right center. that's an rbi single. jed lowrie who had tripled, easy. this guy looks like something, young first baseman for the a's. matt olson hasn't played nearly the whole year with 18 home runs. two-run shot made it 2-0. jed lowrie tripled earlier this one off the wall for a double which happens to be his 45th of of the year. that's two away from jason giambi's team record and it fetches him an rbi, as well. rain delay of 19 minutes in the 7th inning. a's leading 7-3 but they are back to playing and it looks
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like they will get that game in. the raiders hosting the jets this weekend. heavy favorites to beat the team down in the dumps. the home opener. we'll see how things work out for the raiders with regard to how the fans receive them, after all with the las vegas situation. a nice subplot for the raiders would be georgio tevecchio. great story he was 4 for 4, subbing for sebastien janikowski on the injured reserve list. two kicks were 52 yards. he has tried to make it for six years. he has been with four teams. he has been cut seven times total. and he just hangs in there. he was asked today how close he was to actually hanging up thinks kicking boots for good. >> ha ha. ed rather not say but it was close. obviously you want to make it -- you want to succeed. you want to be able to be part
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of something special. this is a special place. you give a lot of yourself. when you reject it so many times it takes a lot to put yourself back out there. when you look back in 20 years, no greets. >> it's all about how you bounce back. great story there. meantime, it is time to check this out. one play worth noting today happened earlier in kansas city. watch the home run from salvador perez, gone, but look at the bullpen guy out there. [ laughter ] >> he makes a nice company. that's peter moylan a relief pitcher out there who apparently can also play the outfield. looks excited about making that catch, beyond the wall and, no, frank, that's not an out. [ laughter ] >> that story about giorgio. >> you know him? >> yeah. he is a coach for our son's friend for kicking and he is just -- i'm so happy to see him do well. >> it's great. >> he is a great guy. >> very cool. good night.
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